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All songs written by Jim Terr, © and published by Blue Canyon Music BMI. All rights reserved. Commercial sale and other such unauthorized uses prohibited. Posting these songs on other web sites without permission is prohibited.

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Parody of Kris Kristofferson's
1973 hit, "Why Me?"
    Vocal by Jim Terr

(time 1:55) MP3 download (1.3MB)

(Barbara Bush comforts her son in difficult times)  Parody lyrics by Jim Terr (c)
Vocal by Margaret Burke

(time 2:17) MP3 download (1.6MB)

The prettiest little town in Texas is always ready to welcome famous residents back to a life of quiet retirement. Appointment secretaries have been left behind in favor of save the date cards.
By Jim Terr (c) Blue Canyon Music BMI

(time 1:28) MP3 download (1.0MB)

A generous spirit knows no bounds.
Parody lyrics by Jim Terr (c)
Vocal by Margaret Burke

(time 3:29) MP3 download (2.5MB)

(Saddam's lament)
Parody lyrics by Jim Terr (c) Blue Canyon Music BMI

(time 1:55) MP3 download (1.4MB)


Rush Limbaugh
"The Biggest Mouth in the Big House"

(time 1:58) MP3 download (2.3MB)

Laura Bush
"Get Saddam, Saddam"
(parody of "Que Sera, Sera" Doris Day, 1956)
(time 2:19) MP3 download (3.2MB)
vocal by Barbara Z

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Two live songs by Buddy:

"The Spam Song"

(time 2:25) MP3 download (1.66MB)

"Bring It On!!"
(time 3:11) MP3 download (2.2MB)

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See the live video

Compelling auto safety PSAs (MP3) Click Here

Let's Beat on the Dixie Chicks
(time 2:23) MP3 download (1.6MB)

The Overdraft Song
(Vocals by Jim Terr, Buddy and Barbara Z)

(time 1:55) MP3 download (1.3MB)

Note to banks: Not everyone with e-mail and a telephone wants to get involved with on-line banking...

JANINE JACKSON INTERVIEW (See Questions on Satire Page)
(time 7:52) MP3 download (3.7MB) - News Programs may use any or all of these answers for news stories, provided that mention is made of the Taos Talking Picture Festival, where the interview is conducted (April 13, 2003) and interviewer Jim Terr (as in "termite")

A MESSAGE FROM JESUS ("Don't Blame It On Me")
(time 2:00) MP3 download (937KB) - The Messiah steps up to the mic with a few words on war.

On the 25th anniversary of his death, Elvis sez:

" I'm glad this only happens once every 25 years!
Thanks a lot, America!"

Hear his lonely cry in the wilderness:

"Leave The King Alone" (3:07)

Elvis expertly impersonated by Lonnie Yanes

*This song available on the "Demos & Diamonds" CD

Download MP3 (2.1MB)


Brand New!
Four explosive new tunes.

The Ballad of Devil Weed  (2:25)
Buddy Converse & the Sneakers
A tough sheriff takes a tough stand!

Download MP3 (1.6MB)

(Visit Buddy's Old Fashioned Web Site)

Golden Parachute  (1:49)
Corporate malfeasance made simple
in this c/w divorce song

Download MP3 (1.3MB)

Remember September 12th  (4:41)
The Cheapmunks (with Jack Asscroft)
What did happen on September 12th?

Download MP3 (3.2MB)

Mouse Limburger,
the World's Greatest Talk Show Host
As relevant (and as irritating) today
as when they were recorded
over a decade ago

Version 1  (1:33) Download MP3 (1.1MB)
Version 2  (1:49) Download MP3 (1.3MB)
Version 3 (1:43) Download MP3 (1.2MB)



(Photo from

She's beautiful, she's dangerous! Right-wing pundit LAURA INGRAHAM has stirred the passions of satirist Jim Terr, who works out his conflicted feelings in front of a live audience, in

Download MP3 (2.4MB)



"I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN" (2:05)    Blue Canyon Music BMI

Please mention artist:
Zack Tweeter and the Sorghum Valley Boys
   featuring Anne Ruth Bransford

Download MP3.

"Don't Let The Terrorists Win" (time 2:52 including :36 intro) MP3 download (686KB) - To the tune of Elvis' 1961 hit, "(Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame" (BMI).

"O Brother Where's The Hits (Nashville's Lament)" (time 1:50) MP3 download (1.5MB) - "O Brother" soundtrack tops country charts, but Nashville execs continue to shy away from bluegrass and traditional music. Vocals by Jim Terr (as in "termite") and Jill McAnally (emphasis on the "Mack")

"New Mexico country satirist Jim Terr, cult favorite for the 1999 CD Demos & Diamonds, landed a few punches with this pungent parody lampooning the voracious me-too mediocrity of Music Row moguls."
-From a review in Mixdown Monthly (Australia), August 2002, by David Dawson

"Susan's Cranberry Sauce" (time 1:43) MP3 download (1.6MB) - A "tribute" to National Public Radio's Susan Stamberg, by Buddy Converse and the Sneakers.

"Son of a Rabbi Man" (time 3:01) MP3 download (2.7MB) - The most popular song from our Chickenstock CD, a Jewish parody of Woodstock.

"Bosses of the World, Unite!" (the CEO Fight Song)  (time 3:16)
 MP3 download (3.0MB) -  
By the PRSMMC (People's Republic of Santa Monica Men's Chorus).

"Buddy's Old Fashioned Web Site" (time 2:28) MP3 download (2.3MB) - From Buddy's Old Fashioned Web Site.

"I'll Be Right With You" (time 2:35) MP3 download (2.2MB) - This song is a lament for a phrase heard too seldom from sales clerks.

The last two songs are performed by Jim Terr (pronounced as in "termite"), backed by the excellent New Mexico bluegrass band,"Higher Ground" (e-mail

2000, 1999. Written by Jim Terr, published by Blue Canyon Music BMI. All rights reserved. Commercial sale and other such unauthorized uses prohibited. Posting these songs on other web sites without permission is prohibited.

Thanks to Michael Harrison at Talkers Magazine ( for your continued support.  

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"I'll Be Right With You"
By Jim Terr 1999 Blue Canyon Music BMI

I was buying some jerky down in old Albuquerque,
Or was it shoppin' for salsa up in old Santa Fe?
The clerk was conversin'--about what I'm not certain--
With her friend on the phone while I stood there all day.

She seemed not to see me while my glasses got steamy
While my heart started poundin', she just babbled away.
It galled me, it gored me, how she simply ignored me,
Then I burst a blood vessel and floated away.

"I'll be right with you, I'll be right with you."
St. Peter declared, and it filled me with mirth.
I didn't mind waiting, cuz it was so intoxicating
To hear those words I never heard back on earth.

Well I wasn't admitted, I guess I wouldn't have fitted
Into someplace so cheerful, so genteel and gay.
I was shuttled below to that place--well, you know--
But I couldn't believe it, when I heard Satan say.

"I'll be right with you, I'll be right with you."
Even down there in Hades in those hot catacombs
Came those beautiful words, that I wish I had heard
Even once back on earth, just one time back at home.

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