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STEVE TERRELL. Steve Terrell has the coolest taste in music, and is a mean song satirist and performer himself. If you live in Santa Fe, you can catch his "Terrell's Sound World" on KSFR-FM (90.7) 10 PM to midnight, Sundays, and "Santa Fe Opry", same time Fridays, and his "Terrell's TUNE-UP" column in the New Mexican's "Pasatiempo" section every Friday. For news, CD reviews, song lists, etc., visit his website http://blueelf.4dw.com.

COMEDY 101 RADIO.COM  Michael Davidson's vast and heroic effort to thoroughly document his favorite comedy, with links to his favorite comedy sites.

PAUL GLICKMAN: Mediator, puppeteer, photographer, animator, Paul does it all, with good humor and radiant spirit. You can access his animation, photography and other websites at www.addenterprises.com.

GlobalAdventure.us: My friends Paul Ross and Judith Fein are International Travel Journalists whose work can be heard on "The Savvy Traveler" on public radio, and who have w ritten and photographed for more than 30 major magazines and newspapers. They aim to make travel a personal experience and an instrument for peace, and for breaking cultural sterotypes.

DAVID POMERANZ  is an old friend and a tremendously prolific songwriter, recording artist, writer of musical theater, etc. He wrote the uplifting classic, "It's In Every One of Us." Visit David's web site: www.DavidPomeranz.com to see what-all he's up to, to hear clips from some of his songs, and wonder how the boy can get that much done in one lifetime!

LIVE FROM SANTA FE  On-line magazine, always changing. It's quirky, funny, informative and often moving--a virtual Santa Fe! www.livefromsantafe.com.

MICHAELHEARNE.COM - Website for Taos, NM singer/songwriter Michael Hearne, often cited as NM singer of the year and songwriter of the year. More important, a solid-gold fellow and one of the most eternally-popular performers in New Mexico, whether solo or with his band, South by Southwest.

FOR SOME GOOD COMEDY, visual and otherwise, from a fellow maniac after my own heart, see www.jeffersonbrown.com. Be sure to see "Operation Groucho" on page 5. This guy is in Juneau, Alaska, and I somehow can relate to his tendency to sit as his computer amusing himself and his friends.

SANTA FE ALWAYS ON LINE.  New website with tons of info on Santa Fe, NM, "The City Different" including interesting articles written and co-ordinated by the brilliant Richard McCord. sfaol.com.

NEW MEXICO MAGAZINE The Web presence of New Mexico's nationally-famous state magazine. Their links directory is now the largest one anywhere on the Internet, providing New Mexico connections. They list some 6,000-plus Web sites, all neatly categorized and also fully searchable.

DR. VICTOR LaCERVA. From music to medicine to martial arts, the most focused guy on earth, and dedicated to all the stuff that matters. Victor's been interviewed by Bill Moyers and others about his book on preventing youth violence. Check out Victor and his books at healfoundation.org.

THEHUNGERSITE.COM. Almost too good to be true. By simply clicking on this site each day, you can send a bit of food to starving people around the world, courtesy of their advertisers. No cost, no obligation, no salesman will call.

ANNA BEAR. Anna's handmade teddy bears and other stuffed animals are as beautiful and heartwarming as their creator. E-mail: annabear@cybermesa.com.

ReporterDown.com   Zippy global and local dispatches from John Suval and friends.

Useful info on parenting, relationships, health etc. from Jon Henshaw, M.A.

"A day without an update or recommendation from Jim Terr is like a day without sunshine, a night without stars, a party without guests, a pond without frogs, a dog without fleas, a deer without ticks."

-Gershon Siegel, publisher, Eldorado Sun (Santa Fe)

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Public service message for “free lance creatives”

When submitting a public service message idea to the New Mexico Department of Transportation, please follow these simple guidelines: DON’T DO IT!!!

Take it from me, a guy with a fairly good public record of creative work (including the VERY long-running “Toss No Mas” jingle.  I submitted an idea which arguably, years later, resulted in the popular NMDOT “Don’t Text” video,  “DNTXT: Deadly Conversation”.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwta1bxyLGw

When I made the Department aware of my earlier submission, and gently suggested they pay me what I had requested as a creative fee in the first place, they politely declined, based on technicalities**, while not actually denying that my idea may have likely resulted in the current campaign.

This is the highly principled, morality-in-government, “do the right thing” Martinez administration, by the way. So, until further notice, and until they decide to do the right thing, my suggested guideline for  submitting ideas remains: DON’T DO IT!

        - Jim Terr 2014  / email bluecanyon2 – at – juno – dot – com

** and asking ME – legal expert that I am not – if I can let them know of any statutes contradicting the technicality they cited!!