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Celebrating the wonderful world of low-budget video.

Embraced and rejected by film festivals throughout the United States, these no-budget videos demonstrate that you don't need a "Titanic" budget to create real, authentic American Beauty. VHS video #BCV106-B. Total time: 1hr. 9mins. Price: $19.95

"Jim Terr: man or legend? Some people call him a madman. Some call him a man with too much time on his hands. And yes, some people even call him late for dinner. Whatever you call him, he's always got something up his sleeve. Currently stuffed up said sleeve is the latest venture from Terr's Blue Canyon Productions: "The $2.98 Video Collection." A compilation of some of Terr's low, low, low (did we say low?) budget video shorts, '$2.98' is so funny, you'll have to replace your ass after laughing it off. Hilarious shorts!"
-Santa Fe Reporter, June 7, 2000


LAVERNE'S VIDEO REVIEW: Glamorous TV personality Laverne Ganesh is so carried away by the country music video, "Did It Hurt?," that she flashes back to her previous existence as Laverne Lapinsky of Scranton, PA. Starring the late and very great Susan Jayne Weiss, with music by Jim Terr. (2000, 6:15)
NOTE: "Did It Hurt?" and "All It Takes" (see below) are included on the CD, "Demos and Diamonds".

SEE video excerpt of Susan Jayne Weiss in this and the "Negativity Central" piece. These video clips are brought to you through the generosity of Pak Mail, 369 Montezuma St., Santa Fe and are dedicated to the memory of this dear soul and brilliant talent.

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THE NARY A STITCH PROJECT: You thought "The Blair Witch Project" was scary? Wait til you see what happened to a documentary crew that ventured into the mountains of northern New Mexico to track down reclusive ex-movie star Tamar Tagwood. Starring Kent Crider with Jim Terr and three hot babes. (1999, 3:03)

THE WOMAN WHO WON ROD STEWART'S HEART: Starlets and supermodels have captivated rock's most famous playboy, but the woman who finally settled him down will surprise and enchant you as she tells how it happened. Starring Barbara Mayfield. (1998, 2:58)

NEGATIVITY CENTRAL: In case you don't get enough criticism in your life, here's a 900-number you can call to get all the abuse you'll ever need. Starring Susan Jayne Weiss, Eliot Stenzel and Jim Terr. (1996, 9:44)

" ALL IT TAKES": Up-and-coming teen idol Lilia belts out this fine rock song in her first, definitely exciting music video. (1999, 3:54)
NOTE: "All It Takes" and "Did It Hurt?" (see above) are included on the CD, "Demos and Diamonds".

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WORDSWORTH: A 1998 segment of the incredibly intellectual phony-dictionary-definition game TV show, taped at Santa Fe Community College with real guests, real obscure words, and a real prize. Hosted by Jim Terr, with "public service announcements" by Mary Evans, Eliot Stenzel and Allison Smith. (1998, 30:37) ("Wordsworth" is a pending service mark).

Two bonus shorts added, both starring
the fabulous "Buddy",
Buddy's Old Fashioned Web Site.

RUN BUDDY RUN : (4:30) "You can always count on Jim Terr for comic relief. Run Buddy Run, his collaboration with Paul Glickman, parodies the German hit Run, Lola, Run, except its huffing-puffing protagonist is a good old boy chasing after a magazine sweepstakes fortune."
          -Jon Bowman, Pasatiempo, September 6, 2002
(Run Buddy Run
was a finalist in the 2002 Santa Fe 3-Minute Film Fest, out of over 300 entries! This is the full 4-1/2-minute version).
BUDDY's inspiring new anthem of love and peace, "NEKKID" (5:45) Recorded in front of a nearly-insane live audience 10-19-02 at the Tricklock Theater Company's "Reptilian Lounge," Albuquerque, NM, featuring the Tricklock Singers (Kerry and Julie). (See it on the web).
All videos in the years indicated, by Blue Canyon Productions (www.BlueCanyonProductions.com), Santa Fe, NM, USA. Written and produced by Jim Terr. All rights reserved.

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