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"Last night I came in at two with a ten but at ten I woke up with a two" -Willie Nelson

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"Jim Terr's spirit shows through consistently in his songs... It's the droll, sardonic,
'cut-the-B.S.' outlook known around the world as American."
-James Fallows

Thanks to two of my favorite people, Bill Hutchison and
Cheryl Davis ("formerly the voice of Southwest Airlines")
for their help with this production

"Do They Have E-mail in Heaven?" broadcast on tons of podcasts including Adam Curry's Daily Source Code --
and on the Sirius satellite edition of the program!

Number one comedy song (out of over 200 songs)
for four weeks (as of 6-18-06) on the
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From the new CD,

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by Jim Terr, Blue Canyon Music BMI  (Lyrics below)

Samples of almost all songs on the CD: 

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by Jim Terr & Friends. Subtitled "Songs for other singers (plus a couple that on one else would ever cut)," this collection features the comedy and parody for which Terr is most notorious (in this respect, I don't think he's ever topped "The Ballad of the Queen Berets" from about 15 years ago) as well as some dang good songs. Standouts include a couple of country weepers -- "This Changes Everything," performed by Nashville singer Kathy Chiavola, and "Three-Teared Wedding Cake," sung by Margaret Burke -- and a folky "Excuse Me While I Have the Blues," sung by Don Armstrong. Terr's own best moments are "Some Guy in Kansas City" (a funny look at the effect of greeting cards); "Bringin' the Honky Tonk Home," a Jerry Lee Lewis-style country song; and the title song, a plea to a New Mexico music commissioner. Hey, Randy's cut worse songs than "This Changes Everything."
   ---Steve Terrell, Santa Fe New Mexican "Pastiempo" December 23, 2005

"This Changes Everything is pretty amazing, the depth and compassion of it. It has what I would call "depth of Soul", where someone just stands on their bottom line of truth, recognizing that things are bittersweet, yet having compassion for oneself and everyone involved." -Appreciated unsolicited comment from a (female) listener



DON and VICTORIA ARMSTRONG have been favorites in folk circles for over thirty years, playing clubs, concert halls, and festivals coast to coast. Their songs have been recorded by Judy Collins, John Denver, Bill Staines, Steve Goodman, Jerry Jeff Walker and Woods Tea Company, among others. Their website is www.DonandVictoria.com, and they are featured in performance at www.HouseConcertDiaries.com .

BuDDy regards himself as The New American Icon, the politically- and socially-incorrect bull-in-a-china-shop, beloved for his blunt-but-lovable c/w lyrics and manner (according to BuDDy). 
     He has starred in several short videos featured in film festivals and on such international sites as www.3btv.com, several commercials both paid and unsolicited, and is a popular performer around his adopted home town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he has sought refuge and relative anonymity along with other megastars such as Gene Hackworth, Shirley MacLeish, Jane Fondell, Ali MacGowan, et al. 
    A compassionate conservative, BuDDy believes in peace, justice and economic growth. Visit BuDDy's Old Fashioned Website, www.YourFriendBuddy.com and his very popular podcast heard on at least five continents, BuDDy's Old Fashioned Podcast.

MARGARET BURKE has been singing in bands in the Santa Fe area for many years, the most notable being Sweet Sister, an all-girls R&B band. For the past couple of years she has been a part of Bethleham and Eggs, a country gospel band, whose first CD has just debuted. See the website: www.bethlehamandeggs.com

KATHY CHIAVOLA is a premier voice in bluegrass and acoustic music.  She has toured internationally for 25 years, has released three critically acclaimed CDs and is preparing to release her fourth SOMEHOW, a collection of all original songs.
    Her last recording, FROM WHERE I STAND, A Personal Tribute, is dedicated to the memory of her partner, world champion fiddler Randy Howard.  The Chicago Tribune named it one of the top ten bluegrass CDs of 2002 while BLUEGRASS UNLIMITED  proclaimed it,  “stunning, emotional... beautifully compelling...Kathy’s vocal style and range fill a huge gap in today’s world of female bluegrass singers....An inspiring and courageous album to be treasured.” 
    Kathy has been interviewed on NPR’s Weekend All Things Considered and has appeared on Prairie Home Companion.  She is one of the leading session singers in Nashville and has recorded with hundreds of artists including Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Emmylou Harris, Chet Atkins, Mark O'Connor,  Garth Brooks, Tony Rice and Bill Monroe. She is a voice instructor at Belmont University, a regular soloist with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra and serves on the board of directors for the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.
      Kathy's website is www.KathyChiavola.com, and she has a performance clip featured on the new website, www.HouseConcertDiaries.com. She is a featured vocalist on a previous Jim Terr CD as well, "Demos and Diamonds." (see www.bluecanyonproductions.com/CD.html).

MARY EVANS has been a singer and actress for nearly 20 years.  She has performed in Minneapolis, Denver, New York and Florida over those years, before coming to New Mexico in 1998.  She is proud to have worked with local musicians such as Jono Manson and Billy D of The Hoodoos, and can currently be seen performing with her own band, Sister Mary and the Bad Habits, as well as her jazz duo with finger-style guitarist Mike Owens.
GWEN LENORE: Santa Fe singer/songwriter, performs vocals, keyboards and mandolin; sings all styles including country, opera, jazz, Spanish, blues, rock and original music. Gwen has recorded songs and jingles with Jim Terr since around 1988.
LILIA was 14 when she recorded "All It Takes" in her home state of Hawaii. Though she has semi-retired from singing, this song was one of the favorites on Jim Terr's only previous CD, "Demos and Diamonds"  (see www.bluecanyonproductions.com/CD.html). Alas, we may have lost a great singer but gained a brilliant video and public relations expert.
BUSY McCARROLL: Singer, Songwriter, Arranger, Painter, Mother, Wife, Producer. Busy has won numerous music awards including 'Best Album 2000' by The New Mexico Music Industry Coalition. She currently has an exclusive contract with North Star Media Publishing Company in Los Angeles, and has sung on, arranged and produced hundreds of recording projects that include Country, Jazz and Funk. Busy currently resides in Cerrillos, NM where she and her husband own and operate Kludgit Sound Recording Studio. Contact her at kludgit@cybermesa.com.

JIM TERR's work has aired on the ABC, CBS, NBC/Mutual, Westwood One, BBC (British) and National Public Radio networks, Voice of America, the Larry King, Jim Bohannon, G. Gordon Liddy, Jim Hightower, Mike Malloy, Thom Hartmann, Dr. Demento, "Mountain Stage," "This Way Out" and "Whaddya Know?" radio shows, NBC- and CBS-TV News, in film, and been broadcast in over 20 countries and covered by Associated Press and  Paul Harvey News and in numerous publications.          He wrote and performed the national jingle favorite, "Sing a Song of Snapple,"  is the author of The New Mexico Driver's Survival Guide and a published winner of the Bulwer-Lytton Literary Contest ("It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…")  He has appeared in films as an actor and as a singer/songwriter, and has won awards for both his short films and documentaries, some of which are posted at www.bluecanyonvideo.com and at www.3btv.com.  He is featured in performance on a new website called www.HouseConcertDiaries.com.     As a songwriter and song publisher, he has had songs recorded by Hank Williams Jr., Crystal Gayle, the late actor Slim Pickens, The Country Gentlemen and others. He has one previous CD, "Demos and Diamonds", consisting of 23 original songs performed by himself and friends (www.bluecanyonproductions.com/CD.html). Guy Clark has called Terr's production of Clark's song, "Desperados Waiting for a Train," performed by the late actor Slim Pickens, his favorite production of any of his songs.
TALIA WILLIS, a native of El Paso, is a student in Performing Arts at the College of Santa Fe, with an emphasis on acting and dance. "I Just Want to Know What It Would Be Like to Kiss You" represents her first foray into recording, and she looks forward to doing more.

Lyrics for all songs on CD, “Please Cut My Song, Mr. Travis”
  (listed alphabetically)
              All written by Jim Terr, published by Blue Canyon Music BMI  ©


ALL IT TAKES   © 1999 Jim Terr

When I saw you back again
I knew it could only be you
With that look, I could write a book
About the ways that you wander away.
But your voice and your tender touch,
God they thrill me, yeah they mean so much
What would it take, dear, to make you see
Just how much you mean to me?

I can see the sorrow in your eyes, the truth that’s underneath the lies.
The pain you don’t know you even have, the good that hides behind the bad.
I wish I could take your hand and help you try to understand
That you and I could rule the world, just a lonely boy and a lonely girl.

All it takes is a little sadness,
All it takes is a little soul,
All it takes is a little madness
To get us to our goal.
You’re my power, you’re my pleasure,
Yeah you make me feel alive.
You’re my champagne and my chauffer,
I know that I’ve arrived.

So come, come on and don’t act dumb,
Boy you know what I say is so.
I can see through that murky mist,
I can tell you’re never really been kissed.
Take my hand, take my heart as well.
From the first time I saw you, God I fell
Into love, into what it means
To breathe some life into your dreams.

All it takes is a little sadness,
A little rock and a little roll.
Just the long arm of your love, dear,
To pull us from this hole.
You’re my sunshine and my sorrow,
You’re my laughter and my cries.
You can cure me, you can kill me
With one look from those great big eyes.

Yes all it takes is a little sadness
All it takes is a midnight cry.
Yeah I need to see some reality
Shining through your eyes.
You must know by now I’m with you,
You must know much I care.
Come the flood or come or come the fire,
Darlin don’t you know I’m there?

Yes, all it takes is a little sadness,
All it takes is a little soul,
All it takes is a little madness
To get diamonds out of coal.
You’re my power, you’re my pleasure,
Yeah you make me feel alive.
You’re my Caddy and my driver
So close that door and drive.



I thought I’d find some milk and cookies sittin on a plate
When I got home from the honky-tonk around… well, I admit it was a little late.
But all I found was you a-glarin’, with that mean and hurtful look.
I’m lucky, as relaxed as I was, I ducked that quick right hook.
     (Darlin, do you really think violence is a way to resolve – whew –
         [crashing dishes] – there you go again..)

We need to re-create somehow right here on Tulip Street
That warm and cheerful atmosphere
where friendly folks can meet
And hug each other, share a laugh, and their deepest hopes and wishes
Instead of throwin sucker punches and Wal-Mart’s finest dishes.

A cozy place that overflows with sweet camaraderie,
The kind of love and tenderness that you once had for me.
            (you used to have for me)
Where everyone feels welcome, Hakim, Jose and Jerome,
And you and me. That’s why I’ll be, bringin’ the honky-tonk home.

A little re-arranging is all that it would take.
Move the furniture to the side to dance the Achey-Break.
A couple TVs on all night to take our thoughts away
From how everything has broke apart since we’ve gone our own way.

Replace the lights with 40-watts or watt-ever we might find
In that cupboard where we used to, sometimes…  – oh, I’m sorry, never mind.
Where everyone feels welcome, Hakim, Jose, Jerome,
And you and me. That’s why I’ll be, bringin’ the honky-tonk home.
Yeah you can see why I gotta try
To bring that old honky-tonk home. (How bout it darlin?)


DANCING TO THE RADIO   (Duet)    10-05 ©Jim Terr

Turn and spin so slowly, that radio dial.
The music’s driftin’ in here, ‘cross hundreds of miles.
Just a little old portable, with no CD,
But it’ll do to waltz you, ‘round the livin’ room with me.

Just press the proper button, for the radio band.
Some things still work better, when they’re done by hand.
You press my sweetest buttons too, I hardly need to say.
We’ll keep the beat forever, when we dance this way.
Chesney, Paisley, Martina and Faith,
Will get us piroutettin’, ‘round this little place.
I could keep doin’ this until we’re eighty or so.
So let’s keep dancin’ to the radio…

Nobody to grade us, nothing to prove.
We’ll try a little two-step, if the spirit moves.
Ain’t nobody watchin’, while we do our thing.
A little country shuffle, some western swing.

It’s cheap and it’s healthy but it still is fun,
Two souls just about becoming one.
AM or FM, it comes out right,
Dancin to the radio, day or night….

Yeahh… I’d like to dance, nice and slow,
Cheek to cheek, toe to toe,
Dancin, dancin to the radio with you.


Well I just got off line, and I’m feelin' so fine,
I must have had thirty or more
E-mails from friends. Lord where will it end?
So much love from these folks I adore.

Well, to be totally frank, a few were from banks
Offering great mortage deals.
And three, maybe four, were a little hard-core,
With a chance to enhance my… uh…, appeal.

But even with a little spam I thank God every day
For this way to keep in touch with friends with so many things to say.
Little-known facts ‘bout unnatural acts, so much I never did know.
Do they have e-mail in heaven? If not, I don’t wanna go. 

Now tell me the truth, is anything so uncouth,
Could a person be more of a mess,
Than to chatter and such, and say “stay in touch”
But don’t have an e-mail address?

Now God clearly meant that an e-mail be sent
Any time that you have a thought.
And if your inbox ain’t scoured, five or six times an hour,
Than you ain’t doin' all that you ought.

How could I ever stay in touch without my ISP
To let my friends know I’m alive and to find out who loves me?
I plum forgot how to use the phone, and the mail is wayyyyyy too slow.
Do they have e-mail in heaven? If not, I don’t wanna go.
No if I can’t log on, at StPedro -dot- com,
Then I’m not sure that I wanna go. 



No more need for pretense, or so-called common sense,
When shortly after I arose,
 I noticed something was wrong, my baby was gone
With her Jaguar, her keys and her clothes.

She’d stolen away, with nothing to say,
As quiet and slick as you choose.
Now I’m always polite, so I’m asking you nice,
Excuse me while I have the blues.

-for just for a minute now… (lead)

It’s gonna be sad, it’s gonna be bad,
Walkin to work for a while.
People pass by, at least in my mind’s eye
With a good attitude and a smile.

Yeah unlike myself, they’ve got someone else,
They stroll down the sidewalk in twos.
So boss I’ll be straight, I’m gonna be late,
Excuse me while I have the blues.

-let me get this out of my system now… (“mouth tuba”)–

Yeah I wish for just a—
-day I wish I could rent, a happier gent,
Whose happier mood I could use.
But that’s not to be, it’s just gonna be me,
Excuse me while I have the blues.

Yes sometimes you’d give, your nearest relative,
To be in someone else’s shoes
For an hour or two, it don’t matter who,
Excuse me while I have the blues.
Yeah excuse meee…. –for just one more minute here…(end lead)


HOLDING YOU WOULD HOLD ME     © 10-2005 Jim Terr

I don’t need you to call up all those guys that you’ve been seeing
            And tell em that you’ve finally found the one
Who makes you feel your heart has found a home worth moving in to
            And let em know your dating days are done.
No I don’t need you to close no doors or whisper in my ear again
            Those sweet and unexpected things you’ve told me.
Holdin’ you would hold me.

I don’t need fame and fortune though of course it would be grand
            To buy you thinks that might just make you smile
Like flyin’ down to Mexico for a few days on the beach,
            I’m fine just sittin’ here with you a while.
I don’t need to see my name in lights or for 20 angels every night
            To drop on down from heaven and enfold me.
Holdin you would hold me.

Girl can you imagine what it’s like to find someone
            Whose story speaks of struggle and of truth
Without quite being spoken, who fixes all that’s broken,
I feel alive when I’m just touching you.

You don’t have to quit your job and stay at home and write me gobs
            Of notes explaining your appreciation
For how we met and how we danced so easily together,
            And find ourselves in this sweet situation.
And I don’t need to spend my time explaining in these tortured rhymes
            How I don’t mind if you wanna try to mold me.
Holdin’ you would hold me.
You touch me like you know me.
Holdin’ you would hold me.


I LOVE A MAN     ©10-2005 Jim Terr

I love a man who can fix my telephone               
With a piece of wire that I just would have thrown
In the garbage can.
God I love a man.

I love a man who, despite that old chiche,
Asks directions, if he loses his way.
Don’t you understand?
I just love a man.

CH: A man who cries, when he hears a heartbreak song,,
Who makes everybody, feel like they belong,
Who calls to tell me when he thinks that he’ll be late,
Who’s so good-looking, I can hardly concentrate.

I love a man who don’t care that much for booze.
Who brings me flowers, when he thinks I’ve got the blues.
Kisses me on the hand,
How I love a man.

CH2: And when he holds me, I feel so safe and warm,
I feel like shoutin, “Bring on that old storm!”
If I were ever unsure about these ties
All I need to do is look into those eyes.

I love a man who calls me every night,
Shows up in person sometimes to hold me tight.
He’s got me in his hand.
Oooh I love a man.
Don’t you understand?
I really really love that man.    (how much I love that man?)
Yeah it’s just like I planned,
God I love a man!                    (honey how I love a man?)


PLEASE CUT MY SONG, MR. TRAVIS   © 10-2005 Jim Terr
(with scratchy old “78” sound)

Please cut my song, Mr. Travis.
Won’t you hear my tune, Mrs. Twain?
Mama sent me out today to pitch ‘em.
To go home empty-handed would be a shame.
It don’t need to be your next hit single.
It don’t need to be on MTV.
Even if it’s just there on your album,
That’d be fine with Mama and with me.

CH:     Please just take a minute now to listen.
            I’ll play ‘em for you in the key of “D”.
            Let me up there in your Silver Eagle
            I will knock your socks off, wait and see.

            See if I don’t bring you tears and laughter
            Hopefully them things are still what sells.
            I know you can count on Willie Nelson,
            But I can write ya a big hit just as well.

            Just cuz I don’t live up there in Nashville
            Don’t mean I ain’t got something to say.
            My little heart’s been broke right here in Mudville,
            And like you I face my Maker every day.

So please cut my song, Mr. Travis.
Won’t you hear my tune, Mrs. Twain?
Mama sent me out today to pitch ‘em.
To go home empty-handed would be a shame.


(Let’s Go Back to Your Place and)
        RUSTLE UP SOME LOVE   (Duet)  ©Jim Terr 10-05

Some folks need to take a cruise to re-light that old flame.
Acapulco or someplace else with some exotic name.
A change of scene, pastures more green, a quick romantic fix.
A Vegas weekend or at least a night or two in Motel Six. (aw-right!)

But you and me got simpler tastes and a flame that’s never died.
There’s amusements and there’s getaways that we ain’t never tried.
We don’t need to go nowhere to make our love bells ring.
We’ll cook up some excitement that hardly costs a thing.

You pick up the weiners, and I’ll pick up the buns,
I’ll pick out some music that’s just right for havin’ fun.
We’ll just hope we don’t wake the folks in the apartment up above.
Let’s go back to your place, and rustle up some love. (feel the rustlin now!)
                        Instl lead.… (”hear that sizzle now…”)

Yeah as long as our love is burnin’ bright then everything’s just fine.
We can have an exotic adventure over at your place or mine.**
A  little food and beverage, a classic video.
Turn off the phone and the Internet and we’re all set to go.

Yeah everyone within half a mile knows somethin’s goin’ on.
That bakery gal she looked at me like “Girl, you’re gonna have some fun.”
The butcher picked up on that spark  and said “BuDDy, Mazel Tov!”
 (whatever that means)
Yeah let’s go up to your place, and rustle up some love.
Yeah let’s go back to your place (MY place?) and rustle up some love.

** OR:  You always put something together that’s just right for you and me.
              We’ll scrape up a little of this and that, it’ll come out perfectly.



I met her on a Monday in the grocery store,
She was so easy to talk to about cantaloupes and more.
By Tuesday we were thinking about nothing but each other,
By Wednesday we were old friends and by Friday we were lovers.

Well she was younger than I was but she seemed a little wiser,
A social Cinderella and a spiritual advisor.
And a singer and a writer can use all the help he can
In learnin’ about life and what it means to be a man.

She taught me how to love and give my heart away.
She taught me to look forward to each new and precious day.
Then she taught me how to sit and cry the whole night long.
She taught me how to sing these songs.

(instrumental break…)

Maybe I should learn to take the good stuff with the bad.
Maybe I should just be thankful for all the fun we had.
She showed me I can keep on singin’ after hearin’ the worst news
And now my repertoire’s  expanded to include the low-down blues.

She taught me how to love and give my heart away.
She taught me to look forward to each new and precious day.
Then she taught me how to sit and cry the whole night long.
She taught me how to sing these songs.  –Oh, Lordy!
She taught me how to sing these songs. –Boy did she ever!
She taught me how to sing these songs.  –So long!
 (long instrumental ending…)



Well you had your birthday yesterday,
Baby without me, you got me outta the way.
You were touched by the presents and the accolades,
By the things they bought and the things they made,

But mostly by the cards with those touching words
‘Bout how you smell like a rose and sing like a bird,
How you mean so much to all your closest friends,
How the circle of your love just never ends.

But don’t take it so personal, don’t take it to heart,
Especially the pre-printed, flowery parts
‘Bout how you’re so kind and so sweet and pretty:
They was written by some guy in Kansas City!

Some little bitty twit who prob’ly beats his wife
Then she beats him up worse -- My God, what a life!
Then he picks himself up, drives his Geo to work,

Sits down in his cubicle, dusts off his shirt,
Takes a deep breath, starts grindin’ out those lines
‘Bout how you’re the greatest, yeah you’re so fine.
So don’t be taken in by words so sweet and witty.
They was written by some guy in Kansas City.   (...instrumental break...)

 “My life wouldn’t be the same without you here.”
Well we know that’s a lie, now, don’t we dear?
“You bring us sunshine on a cloudy day.”
Just between you and me, baby, ain’t no way!

I know you need those sentiments to prop you up
When you’re worn out from breakin’ hearts and all that stuff.
So don’t be so moved by some romantic ditty               
That’s just written by some guy in Kansas City.

A sneezin’, wheezin’ little ball of dirt,
But at least he knows what it means to hurt.
He’s  way better off with that two-ton wife
Who beats him every day within an inch of his life
Than to run into you and your fatal charms
And be crushed to death in your unlovin’ arms.
Yeah him and me could form a tear-jerkin’ committee,
That greetin’ card geek up there in Kansas City.

Yeah it’s really kinda sad, it’s a great big pity....
How the best you get... is from some Vienna Sausage-eatin’...  toejam-diggin’...
         Nickelodeon-watchin’...  college dropout... in Kansas City!


(10-05) ©JimTerr

Well I was lookin’ over one of those questionnaires
For one of those dating deals out there
Where they’ll hook you up on 25 traits
To help you find the perfect date

Yeah the perfect match of fire and ice,
Of sass and class, of sugar and spice.
Not both too talkative or both too shy,
The perfect fit between X and Y.

Then I started to wonder whether you and I
Coulda hooked up that way if we’d tried.
Could any little on-line, filled-out form
See that from the second we were born

We were two stars destined to collide
Though our paths came in from different sides
They coulda never seen our compatibility…..  Cuz they never -
– met anybody like you and me, nobody like you and me.

No they never woulda seen us as a total match.
Who ever woulda thought you were the perfect catch?
We’re like oil and water, like whiskey and gin,
But somehow – POW! - we sorta fit right in

Like a ball in hand, like a hand in glove,
‘Bout two seconds later, we were plum in love.
I don’t think it woulda showed up on a little test
That you’re the craziest (and you’re the best).

I couldn’a told what those questions were all about,
It woulda taken you a week just to figure it out.
I couldn’a answered any of ‘em  with a “yes” or “no”,
And not one of em woulda captured how you glow.
They never coulda matched up our personality… Cuz they never
     -   met anybody like you and me, nobody like you and me.

Yeah nobody like me or you – it’s true – nobody like me and you.

They never saw anyone like you – or you – you see,
No, nobody like me – or me!


This Changes Everything
   By Jim Terr ©1998 Blue Canyon Music BMI 

I came home from work to hear you say goodbye too quickly on the phone.
It made me wonder what’s been goin’ on behind my back when I’ve been gone.
But you made everything all right just like you know exactly how to do.
And pretty soon I felt almost as close as I had ever felt to you.

Then yesterday I found a note that you must have forgotten in your coat.
I could see the love in every line, in every single word she wrote.
And I could see it wasn’t just a fantasy but something you both shared.
The earth began to slip beneath my feet, I felt so all alone and scared.


Don’t tell me it was nothing, cuz you just won’t convince me, not this time.
And don’t tell me that sharing some affection with another is no crime.
And don’t tell me I shouldn’t feel this way, that I will only hurt myself.
I know how to feel and what to say, maybe that’s all that I’ve got left.

So tell me how you love me, that you didn’t really mean to wreck our world,
That you just got drawn in by some persistent and seductive city girl.
You can tell me you'll never do that again; I might even agree.
But I’m not sure you’ll ever make it anything like what it used to be.



Three-Teared Wedding Cake  
   ©1997 Jim Terr - Blue Canyon Music BMI  505-989-9298

Our wedding day is a joy for all, a wonder to behold.
Family and friends from so far away, the young ones and the old.
A sweet, sweet mix that took so long to fix, and oh so long to bake,
Just like this masterpiece I made, my three-teared wedding cake.

It’s so simple and so sweet, you’d probably never tell
That three little tears rolled down my cheek, and one by one they fell
Right into my mixing bowl, and blended right on in.
I said goodbye to those three tears, as they dropped off my chin.

Try a bit for your own sake, my tender three-teared wedding cake.

The first tear is for the first man I loved, I never quite let him go.
How I miss (loved?) his tender touch, I hope you never know.
But his memory cannot compare, to the magic that you do.
With thanks to God for the day we met, the second tear’s for you.

It’s taken all these years to make, our lovely three-teared wedding cake.

The bride and groom that stand on top, with icing all around.
They have no life, this little man and wife, they’ll never hear a sound.
Mother, they remind me you’ll no longer be with me,
And you never even had a wedding cake, and that’s tear number three.

Have a piece for your own sake, my tender three-teared wedding cake.


TONSILS IN TAIWAN   © 05-05 Jim Terr  (see www.HealthCareHoller.com)

Got my tonsils out in Taiwan, my gall bladder out in Greece,
Took a side trip up to Sweden to fill some caverns in my teeth.
Saw a doctor down in Denmark and a specialist in Spain
To see what could be causing me this dull but steady pain.

Took a trip up to Toronto just to buy some little pills.
Thought I’d died and gone to heaven when they handed me the bill.
Went to Norway when I noticed that my eardrum had a hole,
Got back home, just in time to watch the Super Bowl.

It’s been a brutal year but man I’m glad I was overseas
Where you can see the doctor when you really got a need,
Where people they live longer --  babies also, like they should.
I guess they call it Health Care and I guess they got it good.

Broke my arm in Amarillo, went to Cyprus for a sling,
Cut a callus off in Cuba and they didn’t charge a thing.
Went to Britain for my itchin’ and to Iceland for my eyes,
Irish intern pulled a hairball out of me to my surprise.

Got a mole removed in Malta, stomach stapled up in France
After I began to notice that I couldn’t zip my pants.
Fixed a hernia in Hong Kong and my leg in Liechtenstein.
When I got back to the U.S. I was feelin’ mighty fine.

This here’s the Land of Plenty, and plenty’s what it takes
To get some health insurance in these old United States.  I just-
Know I shouldn’t have to go bankrupt or on the street
If the cancer comes a-callin’ as it might for you or me.

I ran into my Congressman, said “Your honorable, would you mind
Takin’ twenty minutes, if you ever find the time,
To figure out some health care that would work as good for me
As what you fellas got yourselves in Washington DC?”

So if you get appendicitis or a splinter in your hand,
I hope you’re in New Zealand, Libya or Switzerland,
Or someplace else where they have somehow figured out a way
To keep you upright til the good Lord says that it’s your day.


(I Just Wanna Know)
© 2000, 2005  Jim Terr

Please don’t misinterpret me, please don’t make too much
Of what is just a friendly smile, and a tender little touch.
I like puppies, so do you, so you know how it can be
When a little glow warms up the night, like it has for you and me.

No please don’t expect me, to fall right into love.
I’m counting on the hands of time, and the planets up above.
But meanwhile there’s one little thing, I’m curious about.
One little real-life detail, I can’t wait to find out.

Can’t we give ourselves a little time
Before we tangle up your life and mine?
Don’t wanna get so close that I’m gonna have to start to miss you.
I just wanna know what it would be like to kiss you.

I’m not playing keepaway, not tryin’ to drive you wild.
But sometimes with that sad, sad face, you’re like a little child.
Understand there’s nothing more, that I would like to do
Than fall into your lovin’ arms, for a month or maybe two.

Take a breath and remind yourself I’m free
To let myself love you the way that you love me?
Though I’ve gotta make sure that I can still resist you.
I just wanna see what it would be like to kiss you.

Hold on a little longer, I’ve got faith you can.
I must protect my heart, I’m sure you understand
Don’t wanna change you, mold you, shape you, scold you, twist you,
I just wanna know what it would be like to kiss you.  Yeah-yeah-yeah-
Hope I don’t get so close that if you leave I’m gonna miss you.
But I just wanna see what it would be like to kiss you.


YOU AIN’T GOT MUCH  ©10-05 Jim Terr

Maybe you got a big house in the country with a pool and the kids in school callin up for money and a wife who ain’t funny and who’s lost that tender touch.
Well you ain’t got much.

Maybe the guys at the bar and the bank wanna thank you for settin such a good
example with your plasma TV and your 30-foot boat and such.
But you ain’t got much.

Yeah maybe this song will never get by the consultants who think it’s insultin to the advertisers tryin’ just dyin’ to sell you tons of stuff.
Well that’s just tough.

But you and your mama know when you’re all set to go to Heaven or the other place there really ain’t no place to park that 40-foot motor home,
With the satellite phone.

CH: Yeah… when you arrive in heaven they ain’t gonna ask
If you had a Maserati that’d go real fast.
It mighta made your blood run a little hotter and thicker
But it also mighta got you there a little bit quicker… 

Well you drift into the bar while you wait for your car to get the knob on the six-speed shifter fixed, look around to see what you can see,
Besides sports TV.

A cute little thing who’s removed her wedding ring says “Hey what’s the matter? Ain’t it better than it was, like you hoped and you figured it’d be,
makin a million – three?”

You throw your bourbon down, take a walk downtown, what’s left of it anyhow, now that the big box stores killed Mom and Pop,
It sorta makes you stop.

You watch some kids play like the way it was for you way back when, when your cell phone rings and the guy says you need a new clutch.
Man you ain’t got much.

CH: Yeah when the bills come in are you sure that you can  pay?
When the Big Bell tolls will you be able to say
That you loved your family and your friends even when they forgot to write, late at night after 2 A.M.  you still knew that you were in touch?
Then you had so much.


"I Love a Man"