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Jim Terr duz JINGLES!

Fabuloso "SINGING JEWELER" jingle and spot

Putting the proven attention-getting power of nationally-
and internationally-broadcast songwriter / satirist Jim Terr
to work for you in AWARD-WINNING JINGLES!

Many of our videos on YouTube - now over 800,000 views!

Longest-running jingle in New Mexico, 27 (?) years and still going..
"Toss No Mas"
Produced in association with Cooney-Watson Associates; production
and vocal by Michael Hearne)

Three new PSAs for NM Coalition for Literacy
Spot 1   Spot 2   Spot 3  (voice-over by Jim Terr, with celebrity guests)

(Including this song & video
   licensed for international ad use!)

Do You Know Your Credit Score? 

** Custom-written and produced songs and videos -- for personal gifts or for banquets & conferences! **

How about some samples??
(Please excuse audio quality of some jingles taken from old cassettes) * © All Rights Reserved


"Gordon Jewelers 2008"
(Quick, simple jingle and voice-over))

"Sing a Song of Snapple"

(the national favorite of that whole campaign,
according to the agency)

"Ken Ashner Auto Sales"

(Another long-running NM favorite)

Gerry Song

"Wealth Strides" (see website)

Recycling 3x (rap - soul - country)
(when you hear which Governor did the
you'll know how OLD these are!)
Produced in association with Cooney-Watson Associates

(more jingles directly below)


...TV / VIDEO...


and other annoyances by our friend, "BuDDy"

"Ogloo" storage sheds
(This is a rough preliminary edit, all I've got at the moment.
ALL the sheds sold, by the way!)

BuDDy sells Bison Burgers!!
(A freebie for Ted Turner - just this once!)


Many other Short videos w/ BuDDy & Jim on YouTube and at this web page

Jingles with

Literacy Coalition 2008 (1 of 3 similar spots)

Literacy Coalition "ET" spot & jingle (1990?)

"Wash Your Hands"
(In-school instructional jingle, produced in association with Cooney-Watson Associates

State HIV Campaign

RADIO Promos & I.D.s

Thom Hartmann Radio Program
& Jim Bohannon  Radio Program
Click Here

KFUN Radio (Old but good!)


Ali MacGraw Animal Shelter PSA

"Tonsils in Taiwan" (health care)

BuDDy public service spot
for community & public radio

WEB / Logo

"Call Wave" (spec jingle)

ManuFlix "industrial" audio logo
& animation!

(and check out our industrial video shooting!)

(Not to brag or anything, but all candidates
using my jingles have won!)


Frances Gallegos (Municipal Court Judge)

David Pfeffer (City Council)

Roger Madalena (State House of Reps)
(using pre-existing music)

WEB / Video - public service

"Junior Got a Virus" anti-virus Web PSA


Let BuDDy (or Jim) ruin your party, banquet or convention! Info here

And since we're loading this up with New Mexico silliness, check out a song recorded here
that's getting airplay & podcast play worldwide,
"Do They Have E-Mail in Heaven?"

Jim Terr's work has aired on the ABC, CBS, NBC/Mutual, Westwood One, BBC (British) and National Public Radio networks, Voice of America, the Larry King, Jim Bohannon, G. Gordon Liddy, Jim Hightower, Thom Hartmann, Peter Werbe, Mike Malloy, Dr. Demento, "Mountain Stage," "This Way Out" and "Whaddya Know?" radio shows, NBC- and CBS-TV News, in film, and has been broadcast in over 20 countries.

1991 CD & reviews * New CD 2006 * Award-winning educational video collection



(Essay broadcast by KUNM-FM 03-28-06) © 2006 LISTEN

If you’ve never thought about it, or tried it, finding a good name for a website is a fascinating exercise. There are websites which sell these domain names, as they’re called, and which can instantly look up any names you have in mind, to see if they’re taken.

For every name that someone has purchased to use for an actual website, there are probably five that have been bought to speculate with, to try to sell to someone else who comes along later and might actually need it and will pay top dollar for it. So when you're trying to find an original, catchy, memorable domain name at this point, the pickings are slim because most names you're likely to think of, have been taken.

What’s fun about it, though, is that as you tear through the possibilities to see what might still be available, you get the feeling you’re matching wits with other would-be marketing geniuses out there, almost like you’re playing a real-time, on-line chess game.

I recently looked for a name for a website I was putting together for my radio jingles, and the first one I tried, the most obvious one for me, JingleJim (dot-com), was of course taken. JTJingles and JimJingles were available, but not too compelling. So I checked out a few others, all of which were taken: SingleJingle, Jingler, RadioJingles, JingleJungle, and Jumpin Jingles. A few which WERE available were Jingle-Minded, JingleJive, and Jingular.com – which made the final cut which I later put out to my friends for a vote.

OK, now I’m really getting into it. I thought of names that are puns or references to other things and other phrases. JingleFever, JingleBells and JinglesAllTheWay were taken, but JingleFile, JingleHanded, JinglesWild, JingleBook, and Jingleheimer were available. As were TinyJingles, -- get it? (sing: “TinyJingles…”), JinglePiper (a reference to Peter Piper – I think), JinglesMalone (referring to Potatoes O’Brien), and JingleWeed (a reference to – well, I’m not sure). JingleShot, JinglesAway, WholeLottaJingles, and JingleBoogie WERE available, and also made it to the final nine for voting. At this point I sent a preliminary poll out to friends, and a friend of mine, a pretty big radio talk show host, suggested It’sAJingleOutThere, perhaps a little too cute for me, but which I did include in the final ballot.

Then there’s the sort of generic category, little added-on phrases that you could apply to anything you’re selling – gift cards, kitchenware, pet supplies. Like JingleCity, JingleWorks, JustJingles, JingleJoint, JingleThing, JingleHound, JinglePie, MisterJingles, DoctorJingles, BigJingles, and JingleBarn – yech!! -- all taken – and the following which WERE available but also too insipid to use: JingleJar, JingleJug, JuicyJingles, UncleJingles and JinglePark.

Finally those that were just plain stupid and don’t ask me why I even considered them: JingleJuice, JingleJustice, JingleSprings, JingleSwings, JinglesWithHam, JinglesWithFries, JingleBoat and EternalJingles.

When I put the finalists out to friends for a vote, it was pretty much a tie between JingleBoogie, It’sAJingleOutThere, and Jingular – dot com.

As is my prerogative, I broke the tie, and the winner is..., let’s see... opening the envelope here... www.Jingular.com ! A singular choice, I’m so honored, and I’d like to thank my… oh well, never mind.

This is Jim Terr.


See the infamous "Santa Fe Stops" video -- and other glimpses of the
most strangely beautiful city in the USA, at