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YouTube – A Natural Home For Jim Terr

 Nearly 450,000 Hits For The Santa Fe Entertainer


YouTube is now well established as one of the most viewed websites on the internet, its reputation enhanced by its diversity …. a natural home for Santa Fe’s Jim Terr, equally known for an unpredictable approach to the world of entertainment. 

To date he has uploaded 210 videos on the site, attracting around 450,000 viewers. Terr admits that this “does not compare with those people who put up the odd video that gets ten million views, or big stars who routinely get a few hundred thousand” but, taking a closer look at his contributions, his profile is unique in terms of the range of material.

Initially making his mark as a singer, songwriter and record producer – among the artists he's worked with are Steve Young, Kathy Chiavola, Junior Brown and Hollywood actor Slim Pickens – he further developed his talents as satirist, political commentator, filmmaker and author (“You Got To Be Stupid To Sing Country Music”), earning respect and acclaim from many of his peers including humorist Dave Barry who described him as “bodacious”. Billboard wrote “well-done songs with a topical edge, with humour, a point of view and a concern for human dignity...a wonderful surprise..." while, in the UK, Country Music People, in reviewing Terr's "Demos & Diamonds" cd,  commented that he was a "cross between Tom Lehrer and Ray Stevens...sorely needed comedy in these uncertain times". 

 Consequently YouTube has provided a welcomed outlet for Jim Terr’s creative talents, his humour often providing the foundation for a succession of short video clips, ranging from the mainstream to the bizarre, with a number gaining attention at Film Festivals.

Currently Terr’s most viewed YouTube presentations are One Year Old Child Prodigy Piano Genius, an inane 45 second effort, and Please Impeach Me, a parody on George W. Bush (to the tune of “Please Release Me”), released during his time in the White Horse. Song parodies figure frequently in the Terr repertoire and other such videos include Johnny Cash Personal Ads (“I Walk The Line”), If I Had Some Grammar (“If I Had A Hammer”) and Drill Baby (“Dream Baby”), another political rant, this time with Sarah Palin as the composer’s target.

Not overlooking his native state, Terr has made videos on many aspects of his home town Santa Fe (including the Farmer’s Market, Stop Signs and Cowgirl Hall of Fame) as well as the neighbouring Las Vegas (the original town bearing that name, his home town, and once known as the most violent town in the West) and the more general 23 Views Of New Mexico (a 5 minute condensation of his 110 minute documentary). Not overlooking New Mexico’s considerable popularity for filmmakers, he created No Country For Old Satirists, filmed in Las Vegas and inspired by the Oscar-winning “Old Men” original – which was largely filmed there.

There’s also several videos of Jim Terr as musician, with Did It Hurt When You Fell From Heaven and Do They Have e-Mail In Heaven ranking among his most popular live performances, while other artists to be seen in his videos are Kathy Chiavola, Elliott’s Ramblers and veteran entertainer George Bullfrog (of the Last Mile Ramblers) – but not forgetting Terr’s associate BuDDy (who always wants “to be your friend”), a character known for his “unconventional good looks, frog-like voice and beer belly”.

All Jim Terr’s videos can be found by entering the name HYMIEHYMIE in the YouTube search box.

“YouTube is a great boon for someone like me” Terr says. “Not only do I get to share what interests me, what amuses me, and allows me to stretch my creativity, it’s also a sales tool for my video work in some cases”. Besides performing the occasional song demo, he’s also used this outlet for feature film projects that he’s trying to get off the ground, the most current being Girl Group Rumbleand Invested. (He also continues to pursue his country music interests, his latest project being Dangerous Country, an alternative to Nashville country!).

Although he admits that his videos don’t attract mass audiences, Jim Terr’s work has picked up cult status, attracting viewers way beyond the boundaries of Santa Fe, with the diversity of his work ensures that “predictability” will never be a keyword to his talents. But it's guaranteed that another few minutes of his creativity will be debuting on YouTube ( at any moment!

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