CSI LAS VEGAS NM – Gordon Jewelers ad   Jim Terr ©


                  (video of Gordon Jewelers)

Young, attractive female and male detective in restaurant:

MALE: So, Detective, your thoughts on this case? It’s got me completely puzzled. Perplexed. Perturbed.

FEMALE: Well, Detective, if you’d get your head out of that dictionary and just look at the evidence, I think the answer is clear.

MALE: Oh really? What evidence? You make it sound so easy, detective.

FEMALE: It IS easy.

She holds up her fork full of whatever. Camera zooms in to a microscopic level, ending up on a glittering mass of diamonds…

FEMALE: Clearly the dispute was about love – as so many of them are. That’s what led to this sorry affair. That’s what could have been so easily avoided. Just a short drive together, just a brief visit…

MALE: To where?

FEMALE: (mostly off-camera) To Gordon Jewelers in downtown Las Vegas... (start visuals of sparkling diamonds, the store, etc..) …for decades, northern New Mexico’s diamond and fine jewelry experts. Gordon’s can’t solve all the world’s problems, but they ARE the place to find beautiful jewelry that expresses that enduring love so perfectly. And at surprisingly low prices that won’t add further to the household stress.

MALE: You make it all sound so easy, Detective.

FEMALE: It IS easy, Detective. Oh, here comes the check.

MALE: Uh, excuse me, I’ve gotta go, uh, powder my, uh… (gets up to leave).

SHE shakes her head…


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